Yukon Quest: Parvin found safe and well

Sun Feb 18/07 – 08:00 Overdue Yukon Quest musher Greg Parvin and his dogs arrived in Dawson City early Sunday morning under their own power after spending several days on the trail between Pelly Crossing and Dawson City.Yukon Quest Race Official Doug Grilliot confirmed he had spoken with Parvin in person early Sunday morning to welcome him to the mid-way checkpoint of the race. Grilliot commented that Parvin and his dogs were in good shape, just tired from their delayed arrival and very pleased to be in the Klondike Capital City.Parvin’s team had initially departed from the Scroggie Creek Dog Drop on the afternoon of February 14th, but returned to that location later that evening. After starting out from Scroggie Creek a second time at the back of a group of four teams in the late morning of February 15th, Parvin’s team was noted as being overdue in Dawson City by evening on February 16th. Two snowmachiners located Parvin and his team on the trail, about 30 miles north of the Scroggie Creek Dog Drop early Saturday morning (Feb 17th).Resupplied with dog food and personal food, Parvin and his team slowly made their way along the Yukon Quest Trail and arrived safely at the Dawson City Checkpoint well before daybreak Sunday (Feb 18).Parvin officially scratched upon arrival in Dawson City. The sixth musher to exit the 2007 Yukon Quest, Parvin’s scratch leaves 22 teams still on the trail between Dawson City and Central


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