Cook wins The Pas World Championship Sled Dog Race

Kevin Cook, of Preeceville, SK, Canada, won the overall three-day race by just under 2 minutes. The three day 35-mile race attracted 14 entries, and some of the toughest teams around. Kevin Cook’s three-day time was 6:47:34.39, followed closely by Dave Hochman (6:49:30.55), and the Beck family. John, Richard and Grant Beck finished in 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively with 7 minutes separating the family. The purse is one of the largest in the sprint race circuit with the winner taking $8600, 2nd place took home $6600, and 3rd $4600. The Pas, in its 60th year, is one of the longest running sled dog events. For complete results visit


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