Bell Ididarace Cancelled

Elliot Lake – NorDev Group regrets to announce that the Bell Ididarace, scheduled for March 3 and 4, has been cancelled.Cancellation has occurred due to the Mackinaw race moving their date to March 3 and 4. Scot Reinhardt of NorDev Group says “this presents a huge risk to our event in regard to racer turnout as the Elliot Lake event attracts many U.S. racers”. Reinhardt and race organizers “are very disappointed to have to cancel the race, we had an exciting new course for the racers this year”. Reinhardt recognizes Bell for their ongoing support and added “we could not present the event without their valuable contribution”.The Bell Ididarace has become one of Elliot Lake’s favourite family events, which attracts over 1,000 enthusiastic spectators. For further information:Scot Reinhardt(705) 461-9251 ext 530


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