Two Rivers Dog Mushers to Run Mid-Distance Races on Jan. 19th

Though it is short notice, we have Great News Everyone!! Two Rivers Dog Mushers will be putting on a 100 mile class in conjunction with the 32 mile Hamburger Run on Jan. 19, 2008. So, gear up those doggies, ready those sleds and come out to run the Make-up Solstice 100! For race rules, please go to and look at the Solstice 100 rules; but please make note of the change in date to Jan. 19, 2008. Here are a few details for the 100 mile class:-Registration will be the day of the race, starting at 8am at Pleasant Valley Store. Race entry is $100/trdma members and $110/non-members. Driver’s meeting at 9am with race start at 10am for the 100 mile racers. Drivers must present vet records at time of registration.-Handlers will be responsible for delivering drop bags and straw to the checkpoint. There will be a MANDATORY 4 hour layover. All teams MUST have completed their layovers and depart the checkpoint no later than Midnight, or the team will be disqualified. -Drivers are responsible for their campsite. It MUST be clean, or the driver will be sanctioned.-All racers MUST have a handler and dog truck/transportation.-Please be advised that an alternate route may be implemented if trail conditions are not conducive for the race. Therefore, the trail is subject to change. Currently, the trail will be approximately 52 miles from Pleasant Valley Store to Angel Creek Lodge; then the same trail in reverse, finishing at Pleasant Valley Store. -12 dog max to start. However, if trail conditions warrant it, dog max may be dropped to a 10 dog max. So, be prepared.-Prize payout to the top 3 finishers. Minimum purse will be 50% of total entry fees received for the 100 mile class. Payout will be 1st place: 50%, 2nd place: 30%, 3rd place: 20%.The Hamburger Run will stay the same. Mushers running the Hamburger Run class will start at 11am at Pleasant Valley Store (signups start at 9am). Mushers will run approx. 32 miles to the finish at Angel Creek Lodge following the Quest trail. Finishers will receive a hamburger upon completion. Prizes such as harnesses, collars, mittens, booties, and more will be awarded to various finishers.For more information on either the Hamburger Run or the Make-up Solstice 100, please visit our website at or email TRDMA at!! You wanted a race…you got it! Permission to cross-post.-Tammi RegoSecretary,


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