Tonight on CBC’s Land and Sea: Wolf Dogs

On February 19th, CBC’s Land & Sea will feature a show on the Labrador Husky. The original Inuit Sled dogs of Nunavik were very much related to the sled dogs of Labrador. In the past there was contact of Inuit and their dogs through Kangisualujjuaq, Killiniq, Koroc River valley and other places. It would very interesting to see if Nunavik elders would recognize the Labrador specimen as the one that resembles the old days dogs.“Before the snowmobile came to the coast, these dogs were an essential part of life. And people depended on them. Completely. Now, even though the Labrador husky has outlived its practical usefulness, there are those who still feel these dogs have a place. And a historical role that should be recognized.Land and Sea returns Monday, February 19th. At a new time of 7 o’clock in Newfoundland, 6:30 in most of Labrador.”


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