Seitz wins Gold Run

Susan Seitz upset the defending champion Kriya Dunlap to take the two-day final results. Seitz had been slower than Dunlap (19:16.1) on the first day with a time of 19:21.3, but Seitz skied hard up the final hill to win with a 2nd day time of 19:27.1, with Greg Jurek placing 2nd (19:24.1) and Dunlap third with a 2nd day time of 19:48.6. Two day totals were very close, for the three; 38:48.4, 38:49.9, and 39:04.7 respectively.Scott Campbell clung to his lead to win the 4-dog class. Campbellā€™s second day time 18:31.7 was almost 90 seconds faster than the second place winner Andrea Swingley (19:59.8), who in turn had a very close finish with third place finisher Jennifer Probert (20:00.3). Final 2-day time for the top 3 were 36:46.9, 39:38.9, and 39:454.3 respectively.Probert claimed the 6-dog class with a 2nd day time of 23:46.1, narrowly winning overall with a total time of 47:05.8 over 2nd place winner Angie Fitch who had a 2nd day time of 23:39.3 and a two-day time of 47:05.9. Third place went to Trisha Sonnichen with a 2nd day time of 23:48.7 and total time of 47:13.8.Christian Taveau retained his lead to win the 10-dog class. Taveau finished on the 2nd day with a time of 27:22.3 for a 2-day time of 1:13:59.9. Rob Downey moved up 2 places to finish 2nd with a 2-day time of 1:15:11.3. Downey had problems in the first day when his team ran into another team which was hooked down in the 12.1 turnaround. Jeff Conn placed third in a total time of 1:15:28.5.For full results please visit


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