Sørlie wins Femund 2007

Robert Sørlie has won the 600 km Femundlopet. With his hill training coming into good use, Sørlie commanded the lead of the race. Sørlie had trained himself as much as the dogs, which helped as he ran up the hills. Trond Ørsilien came in second and Ketil Reiten placed third. Mona Kolstad won the 400 km race, followed by Jo Svenstad, and Terje Hilmarsen placed third. Johanne Sundby raced in the 400 km event, and reported that a severe storm halted the race for many as they hunkered down in their sled bags to weather the storm. Five teams had made it through the storm but around 30 teams were caught and were forced to stop. Johanne left her sled bag three times during the storm to untangle her dogs from another team, and to secure the team better. All mushers and dogs were safe and well with no reports of injury.Full details of the race can be found at http://www.femundlopet.no/eng/


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