ABC TV seeks canine lovers

Michelle Silva, the Casting Producer for ABC’s Wife Swap, is looking for a new family. For the third season, ABC TV is looking to feature a family with both human and canine family members. They are interested in dog breeders, dog sledding enthusiasts, agility trainers, canine weight pulling participants, etc. “As animal lover myself, I think America could really benefit from seeing a family that is devoted to their animals. Although we are a ‘reality show,’ we are not out to exploit families or make anyone look foolish. Also, safety is our highest priority, and we will treat your animals as if they are humans. Our show is fun for the whole family and an overall unique experience” says Silva. Any person who refers a featured family receives a $1,000 referral award. If your family is not interested or ineligible, feel free to recommend as many families as you’d like. In order to apply for the show, families must have two parents and at least one child between the ages of 6-18 still living at home. Please do not apply unless you have human children. Families selected to appear on the show receive $20,000 from ABC Television. Wife Swap is the series where two moms switch houses for six days and live in the shoes of the other woman. It’s a great experience for any open-minded family! Please visit our website for more information: If you or anyone you know have questions or are interested in applying, please email me at or call me directly at (212) 404-1470. We are always looking for great families with extreme personalities for future episodes, so please feel free to contact me in the future, as well. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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