Moore Claims Copper Basin Crown

A decision to rest early in the race instead of late in the race made the difference for Two Rivers musher Allen Moore, who earned his fourth Copper Basin 300 sled-dog championship Monday in wet, warm and windy Glennallen.Moore captured victory at 11:22 a.m. when leaders Olivia and Quito guided a team of 11 dogs across the finish line. He claimed $6,000 for the win, his first since he took consecutive crowns in 2007-08.Not far behind were second-place Gerry Willomitzer at 11:47 a.m. and third-place Jake Berkowitz at 11:53. The six-minute gap was worth $1,500 for Willomitzer, the difference between the $4,500 second-place prize and the $3,000 third-place prize.Read more here:


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