You Haven’t Lived Here Until … You Attend An Iditarod-qualifying Race

MY DEAR, THIS IS THE MICHIGAN PAGE, NOT THE ALASKA PAGE. That’s true, but if you’re a dogsled racing fan, you know that the place to be every winter is the UP 200. That’s right: The Wolverine State is home to this qualifier for the world-famous dogsled race held in the Land of the Midnight Sun.I DIDN’T KNOW THAT. The UP 200 is Feb. 15-18 and covers 240 miles from Marquette to Grand Marais and then back to Marquette, on a trail that features hills, creek crossings and deep snow. The first-place winner gets $7,200. The Upper Peninsula Sled Dog Association, which organizes the race, also hosts a 90-mile Midnight Run and a 31-mile Jack Pine 30.Read more here:


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