Limited North American Championships Results Day 2

Day 2 in the LNAC was under clear skies and a mild breeze. With the biting winds gone, the temperature hovered between -1F and 5F. The trail had been groomed well, though the blowing snow made for drifts in some areas, and removing snow in others. All in all the trail was great for the conditions.In the skijoring, the competitors were pleased to have a relief from the breeze, though the heavy snow made for a hard push up the hill. Andy Seitz says that “the hill can be so demoralizing sometimes,” refering to the last hill coming into the finish area. Kriya Dunlap took the lead today in a day time of 19:27.2 and a total time of 39:03.0. Greg Jurek finished second in a day time of 19:39.1, for a 2-day time of 39:17.6, and Susan Seitz finished third with a day time of 19:53.0 and a 2-day time of 39:19.2.Malinda Holmes maintained first place on the second day with a very fast run of 13:36.4 for a 2-day time of 27:41.9. Scott Campbell moved into 2nd place with a day time of 14:13.7, and a 2-day time of 28:30.5. Ron Bernard moved up 2 places to place third with a day time of 14:19.04, and 2-day time of 29:09.7. Korean musher A-Young Kim posted the 6th fastest time after a slow run on the first day. Her impression of racing in Alaska is of wonderment. Her racing back home in Korea has limited snow, and the trails are much shorter. The 6-dog race also saw a shift in positions, Trisha Seibold-Sonnichsen moved up 2 places to finish first with a day time of 17:54.3 and a 2-day time of 35:51.7. Jennifer Probert moved back to second place with a day time of 18:07.2 and a 2-day time of 35:55.4. Bev Stevens also moved up, and placed third with a day time of 17:56.1 and a 2-day time of 35:58.1.Christian Taveau clung to the lead in the 8-dog with a day time of 32:58.7, and 2-day time of 65:40.5. Christian had to leave his main leader out of the race on the first day, the mind ponders his times if he hadn’t.Stacy Lanser maintained her second place with a time of 33:25.3, and a 2-ay time of 66:20.4. Also maintaining his place was Rob Downey with a day time of 33:38.4, and a 2-day time of 66:39.9. Trisha Seibold-Sonnichsen had some trouble on the hill going out in the 8-dog when her dog team stopped and refused to go. This made for an interesting start to the remaining 10 drivers as they passed her on the trail. The third day of the race will provide the added challenge of extra mileage. The skijorers and 6-dog competitors will race over 7.7 miles, 4-dog moves up to 5.9 miles and the 8-dog moves up to 12.1 miles. For full day 2 results visit


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