Limited North American Championships Results Day 1

Under breezy conditions, the first day of the LNAC saw slower times due to drifting snow and a layer of fresh snow. But no-one was complaining. The very hard trail conditions in the previous weeks had been replaced by a slower but more forgiving trail. The skijoring classes saw Andy Warwick take the lead over Kim Wells and Cindy Salmon with a day 1 time of 20:33.4 over the 5.9 mile trail.Malinda Homes leads the 4-dog class with a day 1 time of 14:05.5, narrowly beating Kris Rasey who ran the 4.5 miles in a time of 14:09.2.Jennifer Probert continues to shine in the 6-dog 5.9 mile race with a first day time of 17:48.2, followed by Angie Fitch in a time of 17:55.7 and Trisha Seibold-Sonnichsen who placed third in a time of 17:57.4.Christian Taveau leads the 8-dog class which traveled over 10.6 miles with a day 1 time of 32:41.8 over Stacy Lanser (32:55.1) and Rob Downey (33:01.5).


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