Dog Sledding Is A Tradition For Rhinelander Family

Flying down a snowy trail with a pack of dogs leading the way has captivated Duncan McRae for more than 35 years. As a true blue “musher,” Duncan finds dog sled racing more than a thrill. “It’s a different sport,” he said. “You get addicted to it.”This friendly and engaging musher got into dog sled racing after some friends encouraged him to give it a try. At that time Duncan’s son, Doug, was about 12 years old. “He expressed a lot of interest in racing the dogs, too,” said Duncan. “I knew it would be a great family activity to do together.”Soon the McRae farm, located on the outskirts of Rhinelander, was home to several dog teams that the father-son duo took all over the Midwest in the winter months to race. In fact, Doug became an award winning musher many times over, winning top-dollar championship races in Alaska and Canada. He was even featured in a Smithsonian magazine edition in the mid-1980s. Today, the tradition continues in the McRae family, with Duncan’s grandson, Shane, caring for the family’s dog teams and competing all over the Midwest.Read more here:


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