Another beautiful day of racing here in Wyoming. The host town for the third day of racing was Pinedale. After a great ceremony at the new public library that included FREE BEER, and music by the official Stage Stop band – Screen Door Porch, mushers got ready for the next morning’s race.Moderate temps (20F) and a brisk breeze met mushers at the starting line, as they embarked on a 38 mile trail that paralleled public roads for much of it. This led to some good photo opportunities and video from the road as the teams were moving. Blayne (Buddy) Streeper added to his lead by besting 2nd place finisher Anna Bjorklund by 5 minutes today. Over a hilly and sometimes punchy trail, Buddy maintained over 16 mph average speed. To see more images and the full day’s race stats go to – BURMEISTER ON TRAILJR ANDERSON ON TRAILPECK-BJORKLUNDSTREEPERBJORKLUND ROAD CROSSINGBURMEISTER ROAD CROSSINGLANCE STARTPECK ROAD CROSSINGSTREEPER CLIMBSTREEPER ROAD CROSSINGBJORKLUND CLIMB


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