Day 4 IPSSSDR, Big Piney stage

A cold day of racing today with temperatures ranging from -20F to 0F. The Big Piney stage starts outside of town about 30 miles. The stage had to be shortened from 64 to 38 miles because of recent logging in the area. Still, the trail was demanding, as there was a significant elevation change, and some soft spots.The Streeper teams shined brightly today. Each team, one piloted by Blayne, and the other by Iditarod veteran Aaron Burmeister, finished 1st and 2nd. This combined with a slower run by Anna Bjorklund, vaulted Blayne to an 18 minute lead over 2nd place, which he should be able to manage as 2nd place is the Streeper “B” team. Anna’s run dropped her back to 4th place overall, about 20 minutes behind Streeper.Another musher who had a strong run was Lance Mackey. He finished the day in 4th place, which vaulted him to 7th place overall. He is running a team of dogs from Warren Palfrey of Canada, and the team seems to get stronger as the race goes on. He should be one to watch.Pics and videos to come shortly.To see the official times and still pictures by Chris Havener, go to STREEPER INTERVIEWDAWN BREEDLOVE INTERVIEWLIZ GRAVES – HANDLER INTERVIEWMATT ROSSI INTERVIEWRICK ST ONGENEWTON MARSHALL STARTCHARLOTTE MOONEY STARTLANCE MACKEY START JERRY BATH START


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