74 Year-Old Musher Schools Puppies On The Iditarod Trail

“Musket” groaned as Iditarod musher Dan Seavey, 74, hiked the husky to its feet.“C’mon,” Seavey said. “It won’t be so bad once we get going.”The dog blinked. Straw, spread on the snow as bedding, clung to its fur.“They’re in their nice warm bed. How would you like to be jerked out of bed, and your slippers put on your feet and your hands at the same time?” Seavey said as he slipped booties on the dog’s paws.Even as his son and grandson rocket ahead, each in search of a championship, Seavey is trailing more than 60 racers at back of the Iditarod pack. But it wasn’t the old musher who was sleepy in Skwentna Monday. It was his dogs.Read more here: http://community.adn.com/adn/node/160092


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