2008 Fur Rondy World Championships

Great, exciting first day here at the Rondy. Although it was a bit warm for the dogs racing, it was quite cozy for spectating. Evidence of the heat and fast trails was the first 4 fastest teams each had to load a dog.Stay tuned to mushing.com for video interviews and race footage all weekend.The videos here are relatively large files, so please be patient with them as they download.Day 1 times:1. Buddy Streeper-1-93.462. Egil Ellis -1-94.493. Bill Kornmueller- 95.294. Ross Saunderson -96.445. Ricky Taylor – 98.256. John Erhart-1-99.447. Don Cousins- 101.228. Jason Dunlap-101.469. Brent Beck-103.5010. Mike Cox – 104.0611. Jacques Philip-104.3312. Mari Wood – 105.1413. Ed Wood – 105.5114. Heather Hardy – 106.1615. Nils Hahn – 111.4916. Harry Alexie – 111.5617. Courtney Moore – 2-111.5718. Gary Markley- 118.4519. Israel Silas-DQ lost a dog


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