Yukon Quest: Update from Scroggie Creek Dog Drop

The Scroggie Creek Dog Drop personnel have confirmed that all four remaining dog teams have started their 100-mile run to Dawson City as of 10:00am.Ski-plane support has been scheduled to arrive at Scroggie Creek around 2:30pm today to bring Race Veterinarian Gregg Phillips and the equipment and tents for the dog drop back to Dawson City.If all dog teams remain in motion towards Dawson City, it is expected that Scroggie Creek will be closed by 4:00pm today.Volunteers Greg Morton and Francis St. Pierre will travel south by snowmachine to the Pelly Crossing Checkpoint, to avoid running the same trail as the northbound dog teams.Updated: 02-15-07: 08:20Yukon Quest Veterinarian Gregg Phillips called in to the Dawson City Checkpoint via Globalstar satelitte phone just after 8:00 am and reported that musher Greg Parvin returned to Scroggie Creek after departing yesterday afternoon.Currently there are four teams preparing to leave Scroggie Creek in the next few hours; Kyla Boivin, Greg Parvin, Yuka Honda and Bob McAlpin.Dr. Phillips reported that there are no dropped dogs in Scroggie Creek at this time.Following operational proceedures for remote dog drops, Dr. Phillips and the two volunteers (Greg Morton from Alberta and Francis St. Pierre from Quebec) who set up the camp the day after the Race Start and have been supporting the dog drop for the last several days, will remain on site for four additional hours prior to disassembling the camp and driving out to the Pelly Crossing Checkpoint.


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