Yukon Quest Rookie Prize Continues in 2009

Northern Garments Inc., with support from the Klondike Visitors Association are pleased to announce a new Quest Rookie prize for the first rookie musher into the Dawson Checkpoint. Dawson City, Yukon – Thursday, February 14, 2008– The Klondike Visitors Association is pleased to announce and support a new promotional initiative by Northern Garments Inc. • Northern Garments Inc. (and KVA…) is establishing a new prize for the first rookie musher into Dawson City, the Yukon Quest half-way point o the prize is an award-winning Skookum Brand anorak (approx value $1000) o this prize will be awarded on an annual/on-going basis to the first rookie musher into DC • Dawson City is home to both the KVA and Northern Garments (NGI) and both are interested in supporting this community event. • Northern Garments (NGI) is a relatively new design & manufacturing company headquartered in Dawson City o Within the 7-billion dollar apparel industry in Canada and next to industry moguls Hemptown Naturals and Lululemon, NGI has won their industry’s national award for innovation (2006 Fashion Export Award) o NGI and their Skookum Brand anorak have won the top national awards in Canada within the discipline of Design (2007 DX Award) o NGI is currently producing the official anorak of the 2007-08 International Polar Year (IPY) with an official endorsement from the organization. IPY involves 60-countries, 10,000-scientists, and over 50,000-participants that are working on polar science and global climate change issues over the next 2-years. Despite this recognition, NGI is a relative “rookie” within their industry and they wish to celebrate the rookies that take on the Yukon Quest – citing: “as entrepreneurs in a very challenging industry, it feels like we are in a Quest each day of the year – as a result, we can relate to the bravado required of these rookie Quest mushers in taking on this monumental challenge and want to celebrate their courage, strength and fortitude!” Congratulations to Ken Anderson for being the first rookie into Dawson and winning the Skookum brand Anorak!——————————————————————————————————————————SPONSORED MUSHER:Karen Ramstead has also been sponsored by Skookum brand. She ran the last Iditarod in it and she will continue to wear the Skookum brand anorak racing this year. Check her our in a Skookum bran Anorak on her home page photo http://www.northwapiti.com/


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