Yukon Quest: Rivalry and Banter Keep Frontrunners Racing

When trailbreakers briefed mushers on Alaska-side trail conditions, they said it was the worst trailbreaking in 30 years, but neither Allen Moore nor Hugh Neff were complaining when their energetic teams came bounding into Eagle.The fifth checkpoint on the Yukon Quest trail is in Eagle’s historic old school house. Teams have to round a sharp corner just before they arrive. Hugh Neff’s team whipped his sled around the corner and the Tok-musher had a hard time sinking his snow hook into the hard-pack as the dogs jumped eagerly, anxious to continue down the trail. Allen Moore’s team also sped into the checkpoint, jumping and wagging their tails. “Oh yeah, they were rolling, they’re happy so,” he smiles. “That’s the main thing If I can keep ‘em like that then they’re ready to go and that’s my objective.”Read more here: http://fm.kuac.org/post/rivalry-and-banter-keep-frontrunners-racing


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