Yukon Quest: Catherine Pinard first to scratch

Catherine Pinard decided to scratch from the race Monday night. No official reason was given.The front runners are already through Stepping Stone. Hugh Neff arrived well ahead of the pack followed by Kleedehn, Willomitzer and Mackey all within an hour of each other. Lance followed Hugh out of the hospitality stop while William and Gerry remain. Stepping Stone is well known along the race trail for its great food and warm hospitality. They start advertising their burritos and hot chocolate with signs along the trail miles ahead of the turn off – the Yukon Quest version of a billboard – and few mushers can resist.The middle of the pack has left Pelly Crossing enroute to Stepping Stone with William Hanes leading them out of Pelly at 6:26 followed closely by Schandelmeier and Beattie. Brent Sass rolled straight through the Pelly Checkpoint right on Beattie’s heels.


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