Quest 300 mushers leave Pelly Crossing

2-12-2007 7:30 pmPelly crossing welcomed Jeremie Matrishon, Roland Waldispuel and Thomas Tetz into the final checkpoint of the race. The front two are running a tight race with Jeremy in at 2:48 pm and Roland arriving shortly after at 3:30. Thomas arrived just a few hours behind at 5:50 pm. All three mushers chose to rest at the checkpoint before heading out on the final leg of the race. From Pelly Crossing, mushers will travel to Stepping Stone hospitality stop on the Yukon Quest Trail then circle back around on a different trail to return for the finish at Pelly Crossing. Much of the pack is on the trail between Carmacks and Pelly Crossing while the back of the pack remains in Carmacks. The winner is expected to cross the finish line some time early tomorrow morning.2-12-2007 22:10 Jeremie Matrishon is the first to leave the Pelly Crossing checkpoint at 19:10. A few short hours later, two teams followed only minutes aparts; Roland Waldispuehl at 21:43 and Thomas Tetz at 21:50. As these neck-and-neck teams departed the checkpoint, Luc Tweddell arrived after his 34 mile run from McCabe Creek Dog Drop. STATUS OF OTHER TEAMS: On Route to Pelly Crossing Checkpoint: Paul Geoffrion – Departed McCabe Creek 22:26 At McCabe Creek: Michael Supremant – arrived 18:10


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