YKHC Diabetes pays all Delta Mushers’ Entry Fees for K-300 races in 2008

The Kuskokwim 300 Committee has announced a new sponsorship, which will result in 2008 entry fees for all Delta area mushers being paid by the YKHC Diabetes Program. This arrangement is intended to be the start of a long-term relationship between the Diabetes Program and the K-300, which may include the introduction of other events, which emphasize healthy outdoor pursuits. As part of diabetes awareness and education, the Diabetes Program wants the people of the Delta to know that a healthy lifestyle helps combat diabetes.K-300 Chairman, Myron Angstman, noted that payment of entry fees for local mushers is a way of spreading sponsorship to as many people as possible. “We want to encourage as many mushers as possible to take part in our races and this sponsorships makes that more possible.” YKHC Diabetes Program coordinator, Pete Christian, is excited about this new program. “Our goal is to spread the word that outdoor exercise can help prevent diabetes and other health problems,” he stated. “Our local dog races are a healthy recreational opportunity.” Racers wishing to take part in this program will still have to register for races in a timely fashion, and must meet all other requirements of the race to take part. This program applies to all races put on by the K-300, including the Akiak Dash and the Bogus Creek 150.


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