Gin Gin 200 updated race information

The 3rd annual Gin Gin Sled Dog Race will take place on December 28-30, 2007. This year’s race will be 210 miles instead of 120 miles as in previous years. Also new for this season is a Men’s Division….. The Gin Gin 120 of the past 2 seasons has been open to women only. The race will start and finish at Paxson Lodge, milepost 185 on the Richardson Highway. Racers will travel out the Denali Highway and through a mountain loop for 50 miles before reaching the first checkpoint at Maclaren River Lodge. There will be a mandatory six hour layover at the Lodge. The trail will then take teams down the Maclaren River to it’s confluence with the Susitna River, up the Sue to the Denali Highway, before heading east on the road back to Maclaren. There will be a second six hour stop at Maclaren Lodge before the final 42 mile dash back to Paxson and the finish line.Head veterinarian for the 2007 Gin Gin 200 will be Susan Whiton, of Willow, Alaska. The Race Marshall will be Joanne Potts, who is also the race director for the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. The Gin Gin 200 is hosted and organized by the Gin Gin Race Organization, an offshoot of Crazy Dog Kennel and Canine Rescue of Paxson, Alaska. Crazy Dog Kennels is owned and operated by John Schandelmeier and Zoya DeNure. More information on the Gin Gin 200 is available on line at


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