Two Rivers Dog Mushers Assoc. Makeup dates

Hello folks! Just wanted to remind you that Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association will be putting on the Hamburger Run and the Makeup Solstice 100 this Saturday, Jan.19th at Pleasant Valley Store! The Hamburger Run is a 10 dog, 32 mile run (No Passengers!!!) to Angel Creek, where mushers will receive a hamburger. There are lots of great prizes to be had. Signups for the Hamburger Run start at 9am, drivers’ meeting at 10am and race start at 11am. Again, this is not a passenger race, so please spread the word.The Makeup Solstice 100 will be either a 10 or a 12 dog, 100 miles (we’ll know more after trail updates on whether it’ll be a 10 dog or a 12 dog). Signups start at 8am (have your vet records at that time), with a drivers meeting at 9am, gear check at 9:30am and race start at 10am. Racers will run a 20 mile loop in Two Rivers, before heading out to the 27 mile road crossing and out to Angel Creek. There will be a 4 hour layover at Angel Creek (handlers MUST deliver drop bags and straw….mushers will be able to purchase food at Angel Creek from the grill). Then, the trail will go back to Pleasant Valley Store/Finish the same way it went out. All mushers must have completed their layovers and depart Angel Creek no later than midnight on Saturday night. I’ll try to get a trail report out in the next few days. As of a week ago, hooks were holding in most places and there wasn’t a whole lot of overflow on the way to the gravel pit. Should know more in a bit.We look forward to seeing everyone! Let me know if you have any questions: Email or 488-4679. We also have info up on our website See you at the races!


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