2009 IFSS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM OF MARTIN & KATI DAGENAISIn the last couple of years we have had the great privilege of being visited at our kennel by the top open class mushers in the world including: Buddy Streeper, Egil Ellis and Helen Lundberg, Ross Saunderson and Rudi & Marlies Ropertz. All these great champions have contibuted in a very big way to the success of our kennel. We also have had great advice from Arleigh Reynolds, Rob Downey, Lori Chezik and Dawn Brown on dog care and nutrition. In 2006 we did 5 races, winning: Floribelle, Haliburton, Kalkaska and Rimouski. In 2007 we did 3 races in the 8 dog class winning all 3: Haliburton, Lewiston and L’Épiphanie. In 2008 we did 4 races, winning: Ste-Agathe-des-monts, Mackinaw City and L’Épiphanie and 2nd at Kalkaska. I won the ISDRA gold medal in the 8 dog class for 2008. Also Kati won: Kalkaska, Mackinaw and Ste-agathe-des-monts in the 4 dogs class. In 2009 our kennel only entered one race: The IFSS world championship in the 6 dogs class, Kati drove the team and finished in first place. So in the last 3 years we won 22 of the 23 heats our teams raced in. We are very proud of our great athletes! M.D.Jag 3 years old, 62 lbs. (Rummy x Manley)Jag is a beautiful bitch with an amazing physique. She won her first race with sister Chaina at 10 months old, averaging over 20 mph! She has been in every race for us since then. We have started using Jag in lead in training and she looks like she might become a new race leader. Jag is the proud mother of a very small litter of 2 pups that look great now at 4 months old. She is the fastest loose running dog in our kennel. She drives extrememly hard. It is very rare to have a bitch with this much size and power. Kobi 6 years old, 57 lbs. (Timmie x Lonely )Kobi is a very special dog to us. He was the first dog we purchased and was supposed to become a house dog… he turned out to be much more thatn that. He won his first race in lead at 19 months old. His incredible litter includeds 5 females that ran on Egil Ellis’main team for many years. Kobi is the type of dog who could run 10 miles in his first training run. He has amazing endurance. He is not the fastest starter but a very strong finisher. He led every race of 2008 when we won the ISDRA Gold Medal in the 8-dog class. He is a very intelligent and affectionate dog. Manley 7 years old, 54 lbs. (Lucky x Wilma)Manley is a very sweat and gentle bitch. She raced many years for us and has won races in the 4, 6 & 8-dog class. She is a very hard driving dog with extreme speed. She has produced great dogs for us. Manley likes to sleep in the house with us and she also likes to ride in the truck sitting between our two daughters Matisse and Sandrine. She is the little princess of the kennel!Louie 6 years old, 59 lbs. (MIke x Cory)Louie is the main leader in the kennel. He has an extremely high attitude, great feet and a super good head. He has led every heat of every race for us the past 4 years, including all 3 days of the IFSS WC in the 6-dog class. Louie is a very laid back dog in the kennel but he becomes a maniac once in harness. We think Louie must have been a beaver in a previous life because as soon as we turn him loose, he goes for a log of wood to chew on!. Louie is a superdog in every way. Vix 4 years old, 56 lbs. (Odin x Naimee)Vix is a great dog and our new superstar leader. He is an extreme dog in every way. His speed, power and intensity is unmatched. He is one of the best dogs we have ever driven. We bred Vix to Jag and are very excited about the pups we have. Vix ran all 3 days in lead at the IFSS WC 2009, in Daaquam. Vix and his mentor Louie make a great combination in lead. Vix is the type of dog that every sprint musher dreams of!Calvi 52 lbs, Zack 63 lbs, Cognac 56 lbs (clockwise from top) 1 year old, (Rummy x Manley)Along with their littermate Pino, these are the future stars of our kennel. These dogs have great gaits along with lots of speed and power. We are expecting them to be new members of the team in the coming years. Rummy 9 years old, 60 lbs. (MIke x Jade)Rummy was purchased from Eric and Stacey Lanser, and he has been a very important part of our kennel and a foundation dog in our breeding program. Rummy has produced super good dogs for us and we are very excited bout the litter he sired last year. Offspring of Rummy are running on top teams all across America. Rummy is an extremely hard driving dog. He has raced the ONAC and Tok races in lead for Eric and has won several races for us in the 6, and 4-dog class. He is now retired but he is a very good trainer for the puppies.Yukon 4 years old, 61 lbs. (Timmie x Lisa)Yukon is a very high attitude, very intense dog. When we turn him loose in our fenced in yard, he goes around the whole yard about 10 times at about 30mph before taking a look around! He is just totally crazy about running. He is certainly our most impressive physical specimen, a true black beauty. He comes from great bloodlines and he will be bred in the future. He has been in the team at every race the past 2 years. Pilate 4 years old, 57 lbs. (Echo x Ginger)Pilate is a very unique looking dog. He looks more like a Rottweiler/Lab mix than a race dog! When Ross Saunderson told us that this dog would be great for us, we really had to take his word for it, and great he is! He is a very fast, high attitude dog. He ran 3 days in point position at the IFSS WC last year. We are expecting Pilate to run lead with Vix in the future. Pilate runs extremely low to the ground making him look like a bullet in the team. Chaina 3 years old, 57 lbs. (Rummy x Manley)Chaina is a super sweet bitch that has been in our team since the age of 10 months old. She has trained a lot in lead but has not raced there yet. She is the perfect point dog, never in a tangle, always working hard. She has very good endurance and a smooth gait. She is an incredible jumper – a real sight to behold at the start of races!Cutty 5 years old, 57 lbs.  (Celt x Lena)Cutty is an exceptionnaly hard driving dog with lots of speed and power. He has been winning races since being a yearling. He was in the record breaking team of Kourosh Partow at the LNAC in 2006. He is a higher maintenance dog because of his very short coat, we always make sure he has a lot of straw in his dog box and we always double him with another dog . We think Cutty has got to be one of the all time best limited class wheel dogs. Athletes of this caliber are very rare.   


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