Hello, all! The Willow Dog Mushers Association would like to announce their 1st Annual Sled Dog Relay Race. The race is set to take place March 13-14, 2010. The race will start and finish at the Willow Community Center (WCC). However, the race has a different twist! We are allowing up to 15 entries MAX. Each entry consists of TWO teams. One team starts at the Willow Community Center (WCC) and travels to a determined location (weather dependent) and will be between 50-60 miles one way. Our choices for the half-way point are: Aurora Dog Mushers Race Track, Knik Bar or ???. Once the first team arrives at the destination the second team is then allowed to depart. There will be 35 pound “baton” (sand bag) that will be transferred from the first sled to the second and only the two mushers are allowed to hook up and get the second team out of the turnaround point to head back to the WCC. The entry with the fastest elapsed time wins! The entry cost is $200 (that is for both teams) and 50% of entry fees will go toward the purse. The race is a 12 dog max and 8 dog min and you CANNOT use dogs out of the first team in the second team. Here soon we will have more information and race rules posted on WDMA’s website ( Please spread the word and keeping checking the website for more info (probably around Thanksgiving timeframe).


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