Streeper wins at Tanacross

Buddy Streeper, fresh from his win at the Rondy, took the prize in the 10-dog race in Tanacross. Streeper won with a 2-day time of 59 minutes and 55 seconds over his uncle Eddy (60:27). Buddy broke the record on Saturday with a course record of 29:24.Scott Campbell won the 6-dog class with a 2-day time of 41:27, followed by Buddy Streeper and Trisha Seibold-Sonnichen tied in second place with a 2-day time of 41:47.6 dog Class – 2-day total1 Scott Campbell 41:272T Buddy Streeper 41:472T Trish Siebold-Sonnichsen 41:474 Forest Siebold 43:095 Robbie Turner 43:116 Stacey Lancer 43:587 Nathan Sterling 44:188 Carroll Johnson 45:029 Allison Cousins 45:3010 Charmaine Christiansen 46:2611 Larry Mark 53:4210 Dog Class – 2-day total1 Buddy Streeper 59:552 Fast Eddy Streeper 60:273 Nathan Sterling 62:084 Eric Lancer 63:155 Dori Hollingsworth 64:036 Robbie Turner 64:097T Terry Streeper 65:147T Jason Dunlap 65:149 Brenda Burge 65:3410 Allison Cousins 65:3811 Neal Johnson 66:0712 Evelyn Beeter 66:4613 Bernie Paul 70:46


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