Limited North American Championships begin

Eleven skijorers and 50 mushers will start in the first day of the LNAC. The 6-dog class, the largest field, has attracted 24 entrants with mushers from around Alaska and the world. Missing from this class are the 2 past champions – Kourosh Partow and our own Greg Sellentin. In the 4-dog class a visiting musher from Korea will be racing a team of Rob Downey’s, and the winner of this race could be any of a number of teams. Scott Campbell, the current champion will defend his title, but it will not be given away easily.Rob Downey, Jeff Conn, Ken Chezik, Christian Taveau and many other mushers will be battling out the 8-dog title. Cindy Salmon, Susan Seitz and Andy Seitz will defend their 3, 2 and 1-dog skijor titles respectively.Check back daily for interviews and results.


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