The Stampede Race slated for Sunday, February 4

The Stampede Race will be held during the State Winter Carnival in Willow at the Willow Community Center, Parks Hwy. MI. 69.7.This sled dog race should remind us of the gold rush. The participants of the race include teams made up of a musher and his partner. The race starts with the team sleeping in their sleeping bags, and when the word of gold comes into their camp they must rush up and get ready to go to where the gold was found. Contestant’s boots and parkas must be put on, a bucket of snow has to be melted, and the eight dogs have to be harnessed, before they can take off on the 2-5-mile long race course. At the finish line, the “gold” is hanging like clothes from a clothesline. Who can stop his dog team exactly under this line, to be able to pick the “gold” (gift certificates / money) wins. There must be two people per team, and you’ll need to bring two sleeping bags, 1 cooker to melt snow, 1 dog sled and a max. of eight dogs. This event is sponsored by Animal Food Warehouse. For more information call 907 495-6309


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