Salcha Musher electrocuted, leaves behind 30 rescued sled dogs

Martina Delp, a musher and active member of the Alaska Air National Guard, was killed on Saturday. Delp, a proudly independent woman, was cutting down a tree in preparation for expanding her kennel. When she didn’t show for service at the Alaska Air National Guard, Salcha Search and Rescue looked for her at her house. Local mushers, vets and rescue groups have jumped into taking action to care for the 30 dogs that Delp left behind. Delp ran a no-kill shelter, Long-Haul Kennel, and often took in dogs from the Fairbanks Animal Shelter.Relatives have asked that the dogs be placed with permanent homes to avoid their being taken to the Fairbanks Animal Shelter, where many would be euthanized due to over-crowding.Friends of Delp are requesting anyone with extra space in their kennel to foster one or more dogs from the kennel. It was known that Delp loved her dogs, and all of her dogs were found in excellent condition.Loving Companions Animal rescue has offered to feed the kennel until the dogs can be placed and friends of the late musher have organized a roster schedule for feeding and caring for the dogs.The dogs will be spayed and neutered free of charge by local vet Dr Rose and SNIP before being placed into foster and permanent homes. For more information on how your can help, visit, or call Donna Buck-Davis at 488-0516.


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