Following is a statement issued by Canine Caviar pet food company on their website regarding a recall on their canned turkey and beaver products:Canine Caviar is voluntarily recalling less than 1500 cans in circulation nationally and expects to have this collected within 48 hours of April 27, 2007. This unexpected situation is due to the fact that our canned food co-packer was not following our specifications for our turkey and beaver canned food. They were adding an unauthorized ingredient (rice gluten). Due to this unauthorized ingredient, we have had these products tested and there is no sign of melamine. We do, however, market these products as grain & gluten free so we are recalling the following three can SKU’s: 13.2 oz Gourmet Turkey – UPC 674555222134, 13.2 oz Gourmet Beaver – UPC 674555221328, 5.5 oz Gourmet Beaver – UPC 674555221557 dated best by Aug 21, 08 or later.All of the Gourmet Duck and Venison Tripe in the 13.2 oz cans are made to our standards and do not have any grains in them and are not part of the recall.During the next few weeks, Canine Caviar will be out of stock on these three cans and recommends using the canned duck or venison tripe.NONE OF CANINE CAVIAR’S DRY FOODS, TREATS OR SUPPLEMENTS ARE AFFECTED BY THE RECALL. THESE PRODUCTS ARE PACKED AT A DIFFERENT FACILITY. WE HAVE WRITTEN DOCUMTATION PROVING THESE PRODUCTS ARE MANUFACTURED TO OUR STANDARDS.We apologize and have taken steps to increase quality control to ensure this does not happen in the future, we are demanding production records from all or our co-packers for all of our formulas before they are shipped to us. We have reviewed all of our other products and determined that they are free of any unauthorized ingredients.There have been no illnesses reported related to feeding these formulas, however, to comply with the co-packer’s voluntary recall of the two products, we are voluntarily pulling all dates and batches of these two formulas. Please return all cans of turkey and beaver to your store for a full refund. Please email Canine Caviar at for free dry food and treat coupons for this inconvenience.Please email Canine Caviar at for free dry food and treat coupons for this inconvenience.


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