Rocky Mountain Stage Race, Travel & PR day

Today, the second day of the IPSSSDR was a travel day from the resort town of Jackson Hole to Lander, Wyoming. It was hard to leave Jackson Hole, with its festive, carnival like atmosphere and hit the road, but the drive over to Lander was spectacular. We drove past the Tetons on a clear crisp day with indigo skies. Through a mountain pass and over the continental divide. Once on the other side, the geography changed from snow capped mountains to sandstone hills and high desert landscapes. Over in Lander, the town came out in full force to welcome the mushers and their dogs. We had a police escort right into the center of town where they blocked off a couple of blocks and the mushers were able to take their dogs out and interact with the public. Drivers signed autographs and explained our crazy sport to many enthusiastic fans. Music played through loudspeakers and it was a fun and relaxed afternoon. Tomorrow the racing starts in earnest with the first stage about 30 miles outside of Lander up in the hills. Stay tuned for more pics and video of the race action tomorrow evening. GS


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