New Dryland Race in Alaska

The Alaska Skijoring and Pulk Association (ASPA) announces the first (annual?) Dryland Race, 9am, Saturday, September 27, 2008 at the Chena Lake Flood Control Project. The race will consist of three events (not necessarily in the following order), with 2-3 classes of varying distances per event. The actual distances and race course are yet to be finalized. In Event #1, competitors will race a distance of 2-3 miles in a non-motorized cart or scooter being pulled by 1-3 dogs. In Event #2, “bike-joring”, competitors will race on a bicycle with one or two dogs a distance of 3-6 miles. The first and second events will have interval starts. In Event #3, “run-joring” or canicross, competitors will race on foot with one dog a distance of 2-5 miles. This event will have a mass start. All dogs must be tethered to their owners at all times, no loose dogs will be allowed before, after or during the event. All owners will be responsible for picking up and hauling away all of their dog waste. for more information.


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