Mushing, Skijoring & Bikejoring Free Clinic-Seeley Lake, Montana-Oct 6-7

Montana Mountain Mushers is holding a dog mushing clinic on Saturday, October 6, 2012 at the West Side Bypass Trailhead, near Seeley Lake, Montana. The clinic will begin at 7:00 a.m. and run until about 3:30 on Saturday and start again on Sunday from 7:00-10:00 a.m. The group plans to discuss dog needs, training, equipment, nutrition, and venues for dog mushing, skijoring and recreational running. There will be lots of hands-on work and time for questions. Whether you are interested in becoming a recreational musher, want to start skijoring, bikejoring or scootering, or would like to race, this clinic is a must to help you get started safely. If you have always wanted to teach your dog (whether a sled dog, border collie, lab or housedog) how to pull and you both get exercise and bonding time, this is the clinic for you. The ground will discuss all aspects of taking care of your canine athletes AND IT IS FREE but you must sign up by e-mail or calling. Participants are encouraged to bring their wheeled rigs (four-wheelers, dog scooters, bikes, or carts) and dogs to the training. The club will have four-wheelers for participants to hook up to if they don’t have their own rig. People are encouraged to bring their dogs and there will be lots of time to run with experienced dog mushers. All participants will be encouraged to join the dog mushing club, Montana Mountain Mushers for their fall meeting on Saturday, October 6 at noon. Deadline for registration is October 2 in order to have enough handlers and rigs arranged. For information, contact call 406-881-2909 or 406-677-3141, go online at or e-mail for a registration form. It is free, just bring your dog(s) and let us help you get started!


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