Montreal SPCA wants Quebecers to stop chaining their dogs

The Montreal SPCA says tying up a dog outside is inhumane, and it’s asking the province to step in and ban the practice.The organization launched its new campaign on Tuesday, called Cut the Chain.”We know that dogs, who are social animals, suffer severely from spending their lives at the end of a chain,” said Sophie Gaillard, campaign manager for the Montreal SPCA’s animal advocacy department.Gaillaird said one third of the Montreal SPCA’s animal cruelty complaints concern chained dogs.”Unfortunately, until the government bans this practice, we remain helpless to alleviate their suffering,” she said.The Montreal SPCA wants the Quebec government to: Prohibit keeping a dog tied up for more than a certain number of consecutive hours or during a certain period of time.Prohibit leaving any dog who hasn’t reached maturity, who is ill, injured or unsterilized, tied up unattended.Prohibit keeping a dog tied up outside during extreme weather conditions.


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