Michigan State University working on a study of congenital laryngeal paralysis in Alaskan huskies (commonly known as wheezers)

Subject: Wheezer StudyHi, I am a veterinary student at Michigan State University working on a research project investigating congenital laryngeal paralysis in Alaskan huskies (commonly known as wheezers). A group of us at MSU are collaborating with Dr. von Pfeil in Anchorage. I noticed you had an article about it in your magazine a couple of years ago. I was wondering if you could help us spread the word of our study. There are 2 primary goals to the study:1. Recruit 5 dogs to be brought here to MSU to perform the corrective surgery and diagnostic tests. This will help us accurately describe the disease. The cost of the surgery and tests will all be covered by the study. Owners will only be responsible for transporting dogs here.2. Gather blood samples and pedigrees from affected and non-affected Alaskan huskies to perform genetic analyses. This will help us search for the gene causing the disease and eventually breed it out of Alaskan huskies. Again, shipping of blood samples will be covered by the study.Thank you for your time and consideration. If you have any questions or suggestions for the study, you can email us at wheezer@cvm.msu.edu or reply to me on here.Thanks again,Eric Zellnerimg::Wheezer_Study_2010-1.jpg::400img::Wheezer_Study_2010-2.jpg::400click to enlarge


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