Featured in the May/June 2007 Issue: Danbury, NH Elementary School—Fourth Grade“On the day that Lance Mackey crossed the finish line, we wrote these poems as part of our celebration.”SnowBy Amber PowersI wait in whirly, swirly silence.I plop and pelt you while you rest.I am cold.I am white.I am the powerful snow on the Iditarod trail.Sled DogBy Jesse AustinI pull; I tug with my powerful paws.I run as fast as a great lion.I run and I play.I have two unknown ways of me.I lead my team to victory.I am the wind-wild dog.Sled DogBy Fallon AdairI race.I rush to cross the finish line.I zoom. I zap.I speed. I swoosh.I bark.I am the sled dog, and HERE I AM!The GloryBy Sharleigh Thomson“Wasilla, mush!” my musher calls. I can feel the gold brown dog gain speed, and I howl to let Kaltag, Nikoli, and Takona know that it is time to use all their strength and leg power. Together we pound snow in each other’s faces. Before I realized what has happened, I am in deep pain, and my paw fails to hold me up. “Yetna, easy now, girl,” and Lance is quickly at my side. A bootie is wrapped around my paw. I limp over to the sled and climb into the basket. Takona takes my place, and we’re off in a flash. We trot through an arch of trees. Before ten minutes has passed, I can see the glistening streets of Nome and the glory that awaits all of us!SkookumBy Ashley SousaI help train the new dogs.I even help some old dogs.I am in the middle.I run with speed.I am a skookum.Sled DogBy Jason Potter, Jr.I like to go fast on the trails.My paws kick up clumps of snow.I go as fast as a snowmobile speeding across the white snow.I race.I fly.I am quiet on the snow.I am the fast sled dog.Wind-Wild DogBy Beven O’Donnell III run like the wind.I sound like swoosh on the sparkling snow.I run as fast as an 18-wheeler zooming on the highway.I love the race.I am wind-wild dog.Lead DogBy RJ SilvaI run like the wind across the swirling snow.I am first across the finish line.I zoom.I steamroll to victory.I am the lead dog.The Fierce Iditarod WindBy RJ SilvaYou demand war with mushers that want to pass by.You use your deadly bite on people who are out with you too long.You thunder.You charge.You are the dangerous Iditarod wind,Mighty and powerful. Rainy PassBy Jesse AustinI am the strange and powerful–My ferocious wind and I.I stun.I freeze.I am Rainy Pass.MusherBy Blake TimminsI am the musher.I watch down on my rushing dogs.I feel that out of all of the people that entered this race,I am going to win!My dogs rush through turns and the bumpy paths and the blistering winds.I am the musher.IditarodBy Emily BabbinI am running through the melting snow.I am running track.I am going through a tundra.I am going to make it to the finish line and WIN.I am a dog racing in the Iditarod.Sled DogBy Sonja BouchardI run and run until I get tired.I frolic in the snow until there is no more.I’m quick, andI’m slick.I am the fast sled dog.Wind-Wild DogBy Lauralye WaringI pull the other dogs and make them want to keep running.I pull and tug at the gangline.I hit the blistering snow, but I keep going.I have a brown eye and a blue eye.I won the race.I am the wind-wild dog.I am quiet on the snow.I am the fast sled dog.


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