The Willow Dog Mushers held its second annual symposium this weekend, with keynote speaker George Attla delighting the crowd for over an hour. Other notable speakers included Iditarod Champion Martin Buser, Sue Firmin, and Joe May. Attla thoroughly entertained the crowd with stories of old, sharp quips and anecdotes. If you are a fan of sled dogs, and have the chance to see George speak, don’t miss it. Pics and video clips to come.George Attla describes how they fed dogs in the villages back in the day.George Attla talks about his great rival Doc Lombard.George Attla describes his motivation for racing sled dogs.George Attla talks about training dogs for the Kusko 300 and how it differs from Rondy training.George Attla answers questions from the audience.Joe May tells an Iditarod story from 1979.Outside there was an Agility and Weight Pull demonstration.


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