The 2008 GCI Open North American Championships (ONAC) got underway last night with a social and start order draw at the Westmark Hotel in Fairbanks, Alaska Wednesday night. 22 of the World’s best open-class mushers showed up to try their hand at the “Granddaddy of Them All”. Conditions on the trails should be hard and fast, with recent freeze-thaw cycles and now below freezing temps forecast for the next few days. The traditional ONAC trail will be changed slightly, with the cutting out of the golf course section, and distances will be slightly different from previous years. Making the fastest runs this weekend the benchmark for this new course.Stay tuned to www.mushing.com for video interviews with mushers, race clips, and analysis from Mushing Magazine’s Greg Sellentin, and editor Amanda Byrd.Listen live to the radio broadcast at: http://www.kfar660.com/pages/639282.php?Starting Order:1. Brent Beck2. Alison Cousins (R)3. Mark Hartum4. Mike Stevens (R)5. Egil Ellis6. Arleigh Reynolds7. Mike Sanford8. Jack Berry9. Bill Kornmuller10. Bob Chlupatch11. Magali Philip12. Ross Saunderson13. Heather Hardy14. Israel Silas (R)15. Ed Wood16. Buddy Streeper (defending champ)17. Ken Chezik18. Gary Markley19. Eddie Dayton20. Mike Cox21. Jeff Conn22. Curtis Erhart


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