Fourth Edition of Canicross Errenteria Held March 13, 2011

Patxi Azpiazu was the driver of the sport in the north of Spain, and he and a group of friends and family organized the first edition. Following the success it was decided to create the club canicross OARSOALDEAN TXAKURKROSA Patxi chaired Azpiazu, and under the club have continued to organize other issues as well as equipment and bikejoring canicross, which has garnered many successes to date. Renteria’s career is the round 7 points for the 2010-2011 and NATIONAL LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP first canicross Gipuzkoa. Each year surpasses the number of entries and this year has reached the 93 runners. The race is held inside the natural park of Aiako Harria, which belongs to Renteria, Pais Basque, and is very near the border with France. The whole route runs along the inside of natural park, in the forests and meadows, and from the highest hill during the race, you can see San Sebastian, which is the capital of the province of Gipuzkoa. The circuit is 6.5 km, and must be completed two laps of 3.250 m, so runners should take 2 times the finish area. Which makes the show more exciting for the audience. Nothing more start the race, runners must deal with a rise of 1 km along a forest road, after which they must climb a 200m hill with a steep slope, once at the top, should descend on the other side and continue down another kilometer to the finish area where routed through a pine forest that once again stands for 1.2 kms and return to spot the first hill must be ascended and descended in the opposite direction to that made in the first round. After the descent of the hill, the last descent to the finish line. The overall winner of this edition, and the 2 above has been Pedro Etxeberria and feminism winner was Ana Perez. As for the Championship of Gipuzkoa, the senior category winner was Eneko Aguirre, Veteran category “A” Patxi Azpiazu and Veteran category “B” Jose Ramon Ortuoste. All three are members of the team TXAKURKROSA OARSOALDEAN.


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