Dog Sledding With Shamans

Standing on the back of a sled, the dog team driver urged a pack of six Huskies around a corner. “To the right, to the right!” he yelled, avoiding a topple as the dogs rounded the curve just in time. Nearby, a woman in animal skins beat time as she sang a chant of the Chukchi, an indigenous people native to Russia’s Far North.But this wasn’t near the Arctic Ocean; it was 20 kilometers outside the Moscow Ring Road.Dog sledding, throat singing and sampling reindeer meat are just another Sunday at Husky Land, an ethno-cultural complex located in the village of Sosny. Its mission is to bring northern native culture to the Moscow region – first and foremost, through the park’s furry namesake.“You can ski with Huskies, sled with them – it’s a very active breed,” said director Igor Kuzmin, who opened Husky Land in October. Kuzmin became interested in the indigenous culture of the Far North during the 15 years he spent working in Chukotka, the autonomous region located at Russia’s northeastern tip. He decided to form the folklore ensemble Chukotka, which has seen relocated with him to Moscow.Read more here:


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