Copper Basin 300 a go if it gets enough volunteers, sponsors

Efforts have begun to reorganize and rejuvenate the Copper Basin 300 Sled Dog Race in Glennallen, after it was announced the 2013 race would be canceled.Last year’s race was canceled less than a third of the way through when teams piled up and were unable to traverse a heavily drifted section of trail with 40 below temperatures between the Meier’s Lake and Sourdough checkpoints.When the board of directors dwindled with volunteer support also dwindling, the 2013 race was canceled in October.Some local residents and supporters banded together Nov. 5 in Glennallen and confirmed the race will be held with the start on Jan. 12. The race will run its usual on a counter clockwise rotation with the start and finish in Glennallen.Read more here:–sponsors?instance=home_sports_bullets


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