The Alaska Excursions 120 will be held on December 15th and 16th, 2012

ALASKA EXCURSIONS 120Race Information and RulesThe Alaska Excursions 120 will be held on December 15th and 16th, 2012. The event will consist of two heats of about 42 miles each.Sign UpEarly entry fee is $175 (fully refundable until 11/30, no refund after that). Day of race entry is $225 (cash only). The race will be limited to 40 entries.Driver’s MeetingWill be held at 8:45 AM each day with the race to start at 10:00 AM.PurseMinimum guaranteed total purse of $10,000.Purse will be divided into day money and overall placement.Day money for top three finishers on both day: 1st – $500, 2nd – $300, 3rd – $200 Purse for overall placement will be:1st – $3000, 2nd – $2000, 3rd – $1500, 4th – $1000, 5th – $500.AwardsFinal awards will be presented on Sunday, 12/16, following the finish of the last team.Start orderOn first day, mushers will start in order of sign up. On day two, mushers will start in order of previous day’s finishing time with fastest team leaving first. Teams will take off in two-minute intervals.DogsThere is a 10 dog limit (7 dog minimum), with the ability to use dogs from a 12 dog pool.Trail EtiquetteThe trail must be kept clear at all times. Teams resting or snacking must leave room for passing teams.Overtaking teams have the immediate right-of-way and overtaken teams shall assist with passing if requested.No Man’s Land will be marked one mile from the finish.BibsDriver’s will be required to wear their bib on themselves at all times when on the trail.LitteringPlease don’t litter. Keep Alaska beautiful!SledsOne sled equipped with an adequate brush bow and braking device is to be used throughout the race. Drivers must also carry two snow-hooks. Repairs are to be done by the driver–help from other participants is allowed.AssistanceNo planned outside assistance. Drivers may receive help in recovering a lost team. Any means of recovering a lost team is permissible except that time penalties may accrue if it is determined by race officials that an advantage was achieved.Dog dropNo dog drop will be available. Mushers must return to finish line with all dogs that they started with.PenaltiesPenalties, both time and monetary, may be assigned for littering, unsportsmanlike conduct and other trail infractions.Race Officials, Scratches, ProtestsThe Race Marshal is in charge of all aspects of the race from the time of entry until the awards presentation. Decisions of the Race Marshal and Judges will be considered final.Drivers may protest decisions made by the race officials and/or report rules violations in writing to the Race Marshal at any time up to the beginning of the awards presentation. Drivers will have the opportunity to personally present and discuss claims or violations with the Race Marshal.Drivers and handlers are expected to be courteous at all times.


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