Cim Smyth wins Klondike 300

Matt Hayashida was leading the Klondike 300, but you can never turn your back on a Smyth brother close to the finish of a race. This race was not any different. Cim Smyth finished the race with 12 dogs followed by Hayashida (13 dogs) and Ken Anderson (11 dogs). Until further reports come this is the current information available. Cim Smyth 1612:50 Matt Hayashida 1614:50Ken Anderson 1657:54Ray Redington, Jr. 1714Gerry Willomitzer 1735:22Jessie Royer 2033:02Gene Smith 2234:50 13Jason Mackey 2257:23Jason Young 0125:50Richard Savoyski 0515:20Anna Berington 0527:19Kim Franklin 0527:50Joe Gans 0606:29Zoya Denure 0801:54Karin Hendrickson ScratchedRobert Loveman ScratchedCliff Robertson Scratched


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