Annual Health & Nutrition issue is out!

Issue #170 is here, and we think it is our best issue yet! In this issue, we are featuring one the most extensive analysis on conformation ever done on sled dogs, thank you to Julie and Miki Collins. We also have interview and SuperDogs with Denali Kennels, Pedigrees “The Insect Litter” by Jake Berkowitz, Puppy Basics with Dawn Brown, DVM, Iditarod 2016 by Sebastian Schnuelle, Trip Report “In Amundsen’s Footsteps” by Louise Freeman, article on renown sled dog nutrition expert Dr. Joe Wakshlag by Jane Sutter, Q & A with Buddy Streeper on Weight Management, Two-way communication of the Iditarod by Shannon Mugrage Miller, Tips n Tricks, “Lucky Lady” by Helen Hegener.


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