65th Open North American Championships

Mushers drew for their Friday start order of the 65th running of the GCI Open North American Championship Sled Dog Race, at the Westmark Hotel in Fairbanks Wednesday night. Mushing Magazine (mushing.com) will be reporting from the race immediately after each day’s heat with video interviews, raceday recaps and photos. 2010 GCI Open North American start order for Friday, March 191. Jack Berry – Homer/Salcha, AK2. Eddie Dayton – Big Lake, AK3. Ken Chezik – Fife Lake, MI4. Mark Hartum – Edmonton, Alberta5. Randy DeKuiper – Hesporia, MI (Rookie)6. Jeff Conn – Ester, AK7. Jason Dunlap – Salcha, AK8. Marvin Kokrine – North Pole, AK9. Mike Stephens – Fairbanks, AK10. Egil Ellis – Willow, AK11. Heather Hardy – Wasilla, AK12. Arleigh Reynolds – Salcha, AK13. Curtis Erhart – Fairbanks, AK14. Clifton Carroll – Fort Yukon, AK (Rookie)15. Gary Markley – Salcha, AK16. Beth Manning – Fairbanks, AK (Rookie)The first team will leave the starting line at 1 p.m. each day, from the Mushers Hall on Farmers Loop Road. The start was moved from its normal downtown Fairbanks location due to trail and river conditions.Race Route from Musher’s Hall:img::ONACCourseMap.jpgListen to the race live at: http://www.kfar660.com/pages/639282.phpPrint out the time sheet and follow the mushers alongimg::ONAC_timeshhet.png


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