2007 Femundlopet starts February 1st

The 2007 Femund 600 will start from Roros, Norway on Thursday February 1st. The race will start in the centre of Roros as has been the tradition in previous years. The shorter Femund 400 will commence Friday February 2nd.Thirty-six mushers have entered the 600 km race, including Robert Sørlie and Bjørnar Andersen. 84 mushers are signed up for the 400 mile race, including 42 veterans and 42 rookies. Teams come from Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Switzerland.The purse has increased from NOK 80.000 to NOK 100.000. The organization will use a minimum of 15% of the entry fees for prize money. The trail will be the same as it was in 2006, but Jon Jarle Sæther and his crew are now preparing some minor adjustments. The aim is that the shorter trail will be closer to 400 km and the longest run close to 600 km. The trail makers are trying to avoid the peaks. The adjustments will only be minor and will be in the areas of Spekdalen, Folldalen and Narbuvoll. Most of the dog races around the world today have introduced a mandatory microchip tagging of dogs. “The Femund Race has decided that this will be a criterion in this race as well from 2007.” Says Chairman Harry Schanke.


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