15-Year Old With Local Connections To Enter Alaskan Junior Iditarod

Harry Houdini was said to be the world’s best magician but as it stands, North Dakota may now be the home of the next great famed magicians.When mom is a physical therapist, dad is a veterinarian, both own their own businesses, and they have five children, one a toddler, it may take a magician to find time for two children to compete in dog sled races.Malinda, 15, daughter of Pete and Jodi Tjelta of Sheyenne., is a competitor in this year’s Alaskan Junior Iditarod. “It’s one of those things,” says Pete, “where you have to teach your kids responsibility and independence a lot quicker than you would for most things. It’s been great watching Malinda grow up as she continues to compete in races and become more independently responsible.”Read more here: http://www.devilslakejournal.com/article/20130125/NEWS/130129117/-1/opinion


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