The Original Mission of Mushing Magazine

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This is the original mission of Mushing Magazine published by the editors, Todd Hoener and Al Geist back in the first issue of the magazine in February 1988. 

This magazine is the natural result of people wanting more infor­mation about a growing activity which is gaining interest world­wide: dog mushing.

The project began with a simple idea: Give mushers and mushing enthusiasts a vehicle for communicating with each other, and the knowledge they generate will improve the overall quality of dog sledding. MUSHING is that vehicle. We hope to develop the magazine into a broad network which will allow readers access to useful information, adventurous entertainment and greater opportunities.

We will regularly present articles on dog sledding history, inno­vations, and prevention and treatment of dog diseases and injuries. There will be a section for mushing events around the world. We will also have stories about mushers with an eye out especially for the mushers indigenous to the North – the “first” mushers. Dog sledding, like many activities, can create controversy between different interests, and we plan to address those issues which can affect the musher’s lifestyle.

It is also our desire that MUSHING be open to its readers. We are dependent on reader feedback and input to ensure these pages are filled with rewarding and appropriate articles. For example, if a matter arises concerning safety, trail use, new regulations or out­fitting, we will he relying on our readers; to bring it to our attention and to help us update each issue. We encourage reader comments.

So begin with 0ur· first issue. Let us know how we can improve. We will be busy building our next issue, gathering more information and expanding everyone’s understanding – and enjoyment – of mushing.

Mushing Magazine Issue 1

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